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Wolf-dogs Receive New Enclosure

Stromboli was the most current wolf-dog to be turned over to T&Dís by PA Game Commission. What is a wolf-dog? A wolf-dog is the result of breeding a wolf and a dog. In PA, these animals are treated as exotic wildlife and special licenses and experience are needed to own one. Illegal ownership can result in confiscation of the animal, fines, etc. Not only was this wolf-dog illegally owned, he was also in poor condition due to lack of food and water. Since his arrival, he has been vaccinated, examined, and treated for parasites Coyotes, wolf-dogs, and wolves do NOT make good pets!

One of the groups from Bucknell Universityís Management 101 Class chose to help raise funding and donate volunteer hours to help with the new wolf dog enclosure. The class sold scrub pants at the college to raise money to pay for the posts for the pen. They raised $2,000.00, about $500.00 short of their goal. The manual labor consisted of clearing brush, moving 8 foot high/20 foot long wire panels, and attaching the wire to the posts. We were happy to have the students help and were impressed with their fundraising skills and determination to help with this project. To prevent the wolf-dogs from digging, chain-link wire was attached to the wire sides and laid on the ground. The chain-link was then covered with gravel. To prevent climbing, a solar fencer was attached to the wire panels.

During May, we moved gravel and built the housing area, a 24x48 wooden building. The 1x6x8 rough cut boards were donated by Abe Weaver from Weaver Brothers Saw Mill.  After several months of hard-work, the four wolf-dogs were moved to their new acre wooded enclosure on June 13, 2005. 

Left: View of acre wolf-dog exhibit.        Right: Stromboli walking out of wolf-dog housing.

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We can not continue our efforts without help from the public. The animals need generous
people, like you, to help provide food, large enclosures, enrichment, and veterinarian care.

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